Sunday, July 08, 2012

Quitting . . . fail

I have two blogs, this one and It's all about the narrative. I made two so I could post about politics on one, and about not-politics on another. And why I feel the need to separate them is a post in itself I suppose.

Because they aren't really separable - I started thinking about politics in terms of how our brains work, how we create a picture of the word in our minds. In other words, the narrative, the story that we are telling ourselves as we go about living our lives.

Of course I noticed that our narrative doesn't just affect our politics, but, well, everything we do. So The Narrative applies to both blogs.

But I think it more properly belongs as a title to the political one and "Jackie Strange" for the more personal one. So I'm in the middle of a project to move posts from one to another and get them more organized. Which is why many have a [published on ...] note at the bottom, so it's clear when I first wrote that.

I had quite a few posts on quitting smoking last summer, which I ultimately failed at. I made it for a month, and then started again. I was hard to move those. I didn't want to be reminded of my failure, the posts seemed boring. But in the name of honesty I decided I should leave them out there on the internets.

I'm adding this because the posts about quitting just stopped, leaving, maybe, the erroneous impression that I'm now a non-smoker. Why did I start smoking again? A depression attack. It seemed to take about maximum possible will power to not smoke, and sometimes I can head off depression - but that takes near maximum too. I couldn't do both, so I chose.

Or that's what I told myself at the time. Maybe it was a rationalization, just another narrative.

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