Thursday, July 05, 2012

Second day

I was hoping that it would be significantly better today, but not really. Any smoker  - who’s also a coffee drinker - will tell you that that first cigarette of the day with coffee is the most wonderful one. I considered drinking tea instead, so as not to trigger that coffee + cigarette craving, but I love coffee too much. Plus I don’t think tea would be enough caffeine to get me going in the morning. So I try to convince myself that coffee is satisfying the same desire that coffee and a cigarette used to.

It sort of works, but not entirely. Maybe in a few days.

More than half-way through the first part. I’m still trying to stay busy, which means that a side benefit of quitting is that I’m getting a lot of odds and ends done. Yard is starting to look pretty good and the house is improving. Paid bills and went swimming last night. Wrote last night’s blog post. Mostly sat at the computer and ate a lot of snacks.

The main reason for writing these things is for something to do, more keeping busy stuff. I’m already bored with them though.

That might be the biggest hurdle to getting through the next part – the two weeks part. Just getting bored and tired of dealing with it and saying oh screw it and lighting up.

In the meantime I’ve decided to start talking to my craving. As in, “Nicotine craving, I am really tired of you. You are boring and annoying. Go away.”

At any particular moment, I can think of about five things to do to keep myself busy, but I keep going off to do one and then a few minutes later finding myself doing something else, the first thing either forgotten before I ever got to it or started but not finished. I’m not sure if quitting smoking is making me unfocused and distractible, though. That’s pretty much how things always go.

[published on 7/1/11]

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